We aren’t called MooGoo because our products are based on milk. If you think about it, putting any meaningful amount of fresh milk into a cosmetic product and then putting it on a shelf in a store for a while would not end well – yuck!

We do use ethically and sustainably sourced Milk Protein from a credible Australian supplier in some of our skincare and hair care products because research has found that it helps to increase skin elasticity by up to 20%, as well as protects hair fibres and revitalises hair's natural protective layer.

The only products we make that contain fresh milk is our solid Cleansing Bars. This is only possible due to the way soaps are made, but this is not possible for creams or shampoos/conditioners. Not all of our products contain Milk Protein, so if allergies are a concern, we do have some other great and healthy options for you to choose from. The only other non-vegan ingredients we use is some of our products other than Milk Protein are Honey and Beeswax.

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