Mum's The Boss! Q&A with our CEO on becoming a Mum.

Mum's The Boss! Q&A with our CEO on becoming a Mum.

It goes without saying that starting a family and becoming a mum are incredibly exciting and rewarding experiences. Each day will give you something new and there are endless opportunities to experience the best of motherhood. But it is no secret that having your first bub and becoming a new mum is seriously hard work (and perhaps slightly terrifying too!) - learning to navigate motherhood, sleep deprivation and adjusting your everyday routine is difficult. So, we sat down to chat with our CEO, Melody Livingstone, for some real talk on what it’s really like.

1. You've had a high-level career for the last 10 years, how has becoming a mum changed your approach to leading a team and meeting expectations?

MooGoo CEO Melody Livingstone with her baby son.

I once read that “motherhood is a series of letting go”. But it took having a baby of my own to quickly realise that no matter how organised or planned you might be, baby has a plan of its own.
You have to adapt and flex constantly, as a high achiever who is very independent, structured probably a little OCD, this is a daily challenge. I have to regularly remind myself to stop, take a deep breath and just go with the flow.

Learning to let go has filtered in my professional life, as a leader I am now more flexible, understanding and less tied to/focused on the process as long as we achieve the desired outcome. I still expect a lot from myself and my team, but I probably have more realistic expectations than before.

2. What was your pregnancy experience like?

I had a good pregnancy, the typical nausea in the first 3 months but it was smooth sailing after that. Giving up caffeine was the toughest part about it. I tried to keep active for as long as possible and take time out to walk along the beach. Looking back my pregnancy flew by, and I wish I spent a few more days at the day spa.

3. Who was the first person, other than your partner, that you broke the news too?

Both our mum’s. We’ve been married for 15 years so it’s been a long time coming. Their reactions were priceless!

4. What has been the most surprising thing about becoming a mum?

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The moment your child is born, the love you feel for them is overwhelming. I didn’t realise it was possible to love someone this much. I was never very maternal, so it’s something I couldn’t understand before and really took me by surprise.

5. Your top tips on managing the inevitable sleep deprivation?

  • Sleep when baby sleeps. Don’t try and be super mum, take every opportunity to rest.
  • Get a ready-made meal subscription, it is a life saver. Otherwise, you could find yourself justifying toast a meal multiple times a day.
  • Ask your partner, friends, and family for support you, so you get time to shower, rest and sleep!

6. Of course, we have to ask, what has been your most reached for MooGoo product?

MooGoo Nappy Balm! I use it religiously and don’t go anywhere without it! I love that its natural and healthy to use on bub.

7. Top 5 items currently in your baby-bag?

MooGoo Baby Bag Essentials

8. Any words of wisdom for career-drive women thinking about having babies?

I don’t believe you have to sacrifice your career to start a family, I believe you can do both. Having a supportive partner is very important. I would find it difficult to be focused on my career without my husband’s support. Having a baby will also change you in lots of positive ways - making you a better boss, colleague, and friend – which can only contribute to your career success.

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