7 Best Dry Shampoo Tricks

7 Best Dry Shampoo Tricks

Dry shampoo in itself is the biggest tip and trick when it comes to quick, easy, fool-proof, clean hair. Its invention alone has saved millions of people a bunch of time redoing the perfect hair style they nailed yesterday and having to go through the long process of a wet wash. It saves you money by making your cleanness last longer than you’d ever dare wait (except when in lockdown), and it also saves water, with some users cutting weekly showering time in half (based on a blind study of the MooGoo HQ office staff).

On top of all that, dry shampoo powder freshens hair (ours smells divine!) to remove any built-up smells you may have acquired along the way (gym sweat, cooking smells etc.) and also adds a bit of styling pizazz and volume to your locks. Is there anything this magical powder can’t do? Well, we don’t recommend trying to wash your clothes with it, but can someone please invent a dry shampoo for clothes, please? So, we digress…

Anyway, moving on. With an office full of raving dry shampoo fans, we’ve been able to compile a few solid tips and tricks that we just had to share. Without further ado, here is a list of our best tips and tricks to getting the most out of your/our dry shampoo powder.

PS – If you haven’t tried it yet, we love our Natural Dry Shampoo because it’s a loose powder in a shaker bottle without any yucky aerosol chemicals. And the natural ingredients won’t irritate your scalp. Let your scalp breathe! Just saying.

1. Shake it on before bed

When you’re hitting your third day of no washes or depending on your hair type even your second day for the thinner-haired folk, dust some dry shampoo onto your roots before you hit the hay. You’ll wake up with natural-looking, clean hair with all the unwanted oils absorbed and the powder blended in perfectly. Tada! Plus, if you have longer hair and put it up in a twisted bun it’ll hold the curls/waves. Thank us later!

2. Give it a minute or two to do its thing

If you forget to put dry shampoo in at night in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for bed, it’s totally fine to put it in in the morning as well. Just remember, when you apply it, give it a couple of minutes before fully blending it in. That way it gives the powder a chance to absorb the oils (aka grease), giving you a cleaner, more polished look. Brush your teeth, dance in your underwear or make some tea, and in a few minutes, it’ll be ready to be brushed through.

3. A little powder goes a long way

Settle down Charlie Brown, you only need a little bit! Dry shampoo, like tequila and chocolate, you can have too much of a good thing. Pay attention to the areas that are the oiliest and only put dry shampoo there. Also try to keep it as close to the roots as possible, that way you’ll get a more natural finish without over-drying your ends. This is particularly important if you already suffer from dry/ combination hair. If you see some residual powder on your scalp in your part, wait a few minutes as suggested in tip #2 and then gently rub the visible scalp to remove excess powder. If you have a bit more time, why not massage your whole head? It’s meant to assist with hair growth, or so they say. We just think it feels good. Alternatively, you can put the product directly into your hairbrush and brush it through that way too. And one more thing. While our powder is white upon application, if you don’t go overboard with it and rub it in using all of our recommended tips, you won’t be left with a head that screams “I didn’t wash my hair!” Perfect for all hair colours, hair types and scalp types too – never forget the scalp!

4. Turn up the volume? Yes, please.

Move over J-Lo, we’re about to snatch your career up from right under you (haha it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?). Another brilliant bonus to using our Natural Dry Shampoo, especially powder is the VOLUME. So much volume you’ll get noise complaints – how’d you like that one? The trick to more voluminous hair is all in the roots. Section your hair like you would normally but pay more attention to the roots and then flick your hair over and shimmy like Shakira in 2003. Focus on massaging the powder into the roots then brush through your hair to make sure everything is well blended. Next, flick it over one more time and massage again, and when you pop up, just brush gently through to the ends, avoiding the roots. And voila, big, bouncy, beautiful hair. Do this throughout the day if you’re feeling fully fabulous.

5. Make your work last even longer

Tired of going through the effort of getting up 20 minutes earlier to try and curl your hair and achieve those sexy beach waves, only have it fall flat by morning tea? Yes, we’ve all been there. To gracefully extend your efforts, we recommend a light dusting of dry shampoo before you heat-style your hair, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much longer they stay in place. Some people have even told us they like to put our Natural Dry Shampoo onto freshy washed hair just to make styling fresh hair easier and your chosen hairstyle will last longer than you ever thought possible.

6. Nothing beats a bit of texture

Feeling like your hair is too shiny and silky? (oh, poor you). But sometimes and with a certain style, you want that bit of texture and grit to achieve those beachy and purposefully, messy looks. If you suffer terribly from iridescent hair, we recommend popping a little bit of dry shampoo powder between onto your fingers and gently tease it through your hair. This is particularly helpful for powdering the hair framing your face. It will make your hairstyle more stable and will help to hold any bobby pins in place. Backcombing your hair for volume works well but can damage your hair in the process. If you’re still willing to do this to get the look you love, a bit of dry shampoo will help you tease the hair a bit less, which is always a good thing.

7. Do it before you get dressed

There are so many wonderful benefits to using a dry powder shampoo, but another win is that you can use it as often as you like. Well, sort of. We always like to manage expectations and you should know that unfortunately, you can’t avoid a wet wash forever. If you have thinner hair, we think you can safely add 3 days in between wet washes. If you’re of the lucky bunch that have thicker hair, your hair won’t naturally get as oily so you could add up to 5 extra days between wet washes. Has there ever been anything more useful than that? Well, we can think of a few things, like a toilet, or a mobile phone, or a car, but you get the idea. Back to the task at hand. If you’ve ever tried using dry shampoo powder while wearing a black t-shirt, you’ll understand it’s one flaw. If you’re inevitably heavy-handed (don’t worry, so are we) put your dry shampoo on before you get dressed that way, it won’t go over your clothes, possibly being mistaken for flakes. At least our loose powder formula won’t leave your hair and scalp covered with the wet, white residue that’s a common annoyance with the aerosol spray kinds and if you accidentally inhale it, no need to worry because it’s made of edible ingredients and we have no time for Talc. All made locally in Western Australia.

If you have any other dry shampoo powder tips and tricks that you can’t live without and we haven’t listed above, please share! Message or tag us on Instagram! There may even be a prize in it for you, shhhhhh.

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