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Scalp & Hair Care Set
MooGoo Scalp & Hair Care Set

Scalp & Hair Care Set

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All 4 of our Hair Care products together in 1 pack to keep your hair healthy and keep your scalp in harmony.


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The Pack contains:

Protein Shot Leave-In Conditioner 120g - Silicone-free leave-in hair conditioner to leave your hair free of tangles.

Milk Shampoo 500ml - Made using a combination of gentle Coconut and Glucose based cleansers, designed for people with sensitive scalps, itchiness or flakiness.

Cream Conditioner 500ml - Uses natural ingredients to moisturise the hair such as Jojoba Oil to leave the hair soft, hydrated and free of tangles.

Natural Dry Shampoo 100g - A natural, powder shampoo that freshens your hair in between washes.

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