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Tag 'Natural pet care'
Fur-got Why Natural Is Best?

Pets only get one skin, which is why we need to help them take care and protect it as best they can. While some products may help your dog to smell and look clean, they can also be causing irritation and triggering a range of skin conditions including dermatitis, allergies and itching. Learn a little more about different ingredients so you can make the pet decision possible for your pet!

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Staff Favourites – The Products We’re Super Paw-ssionate About

At MooGoo and Dr Zoo, you can trust that we use our products every single day. We don’t test on animals, we test on ourselves and if that goes well, we pass it onto the rest of our pack. We often get asked what our favourite Dr Zoo products are and while our answer as humans is obvious, (we love them all), we thought we would shine the light on the pups of Dr Zoo and their favourites

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