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The Makeup Blog

The Makeup Blog

Whether or not you have allergies, we bet you’ve used this excuse more times than you care to admit. Us too. For those alpha-humans blessed with skin that can stand even the harshest of ingredients...
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The Ingredients you wish you avoided before
Anyone with sensitive skin would know, whatever goes on your face can really upset your skin, and it'll make sure you know about it too. Skin tantrums are hard to deal with, especially when they're...
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MooGoo Makeup Staff's Favourites
There are many great things about working for a skincare and makeup company, we get to apply, play and learn new things every day. We also get to chat, share our tips and tricks, favourite products...
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International Women's Day - The Women Of MooGoo
This year for International Women’s Day we wanted to learn from our very own. The women of MooGoo. Women that like so many of us aren’t striving to be the best actress or the best sportswomen but i...
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5 Things Your Makeup Is Trying To Tell You
Ever walked into a make-up store and been so completely overwhelmed by the number of options available? Of course, you have! Oily skin, dry skin, dehydrated skin, satin finish, matte, dewy, oil-con...
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Can Mineral Makeup Help Blemishes
We often search for makeup to help cover up imperfections such as blemishes. But when doing so, it can be important to check the ingredients list, as they can be the culprit of these things. We dev...
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