Save Time, and Your Scalp

We get a lot of different product requests from the Herd (some very creative ones too), and it seems that dry shampoo is one of those things that some people consider to be an absolute life-saver. We love it, but we're particularly (that is a pun that may dawn on you later) concerned when using the aerosol spray-on types. Any fine aerosol particles (ta-da!) entering the lungs isn't healthy over time, so spraying them around the head and face was something that irked us. Aerosol ingredients typically contain volatile hydrocarbons, such as propane, n-butane and isobutane. Dimethyl ether (DME) and methyl ethyl ether are also used. Now those are some scary looking words!

Dry shampoo works by absorbing the oils your scalp produces to prolong the time needed between washes. It was designed for people who want to spend less time washing and styling their hair. AMEN to that! Many women claim that it cuts the number of wet washes in half, saving them not only time but also water, money and the environment. Dry shampoo is now an essential staple in the grooming routines of men, women and pets all over the world (yes we make dry shampoo for pets too). Who knew that washing your hair was such a big problem that needed fixing?

For those new to the idea of dry shampoo, it may seem strange to put powder in your hair when it starts to feel a little oily, but once you go dry, you’ll never say bye. Many dry shampoo products come in aerosol spray cans and can coat the scalp, causing itchiness and irritation - we have enough irritating things in our lives as it is. Since aerosol sprays are something we avoid at all costs, we created a scalp-friendly, loose powder formula in a shaker bottle delivery system to get the product right where you need it and avoid a lung-full of aerosol chemicals.

We made our Dry Shampoo formula with a blend of food-based powders – Corn Starch, Tapioca Starch, Bentonite, Sodium Bicarbonate. These powders are specifically made extra fine to work better at absorbing oils and makes it easier to apply to the hair and be dispensed from the shaker bottle. Using natural ingredients makes it gentle on the scalp and suitable for all hair types. It also comes with our signature MooGoo smell, giving you a quick refreshment in between wet washes no matter what you've been up to. Many dry shampoos are geared toward a specific hair colour and include coloured ingredients, but in our opinion, we don’t think it’s needed as long as the powder is rubbed in properly.

Unfortunately, there is one thing dry shampoo can’t do, and that is, completely eliminate the need for a wet-wash shampoo. As your scalp continues to produce oils, more powder will be needed to keep it fresh. Eventually, there comes a point where your head just needs a good old fashioned wash (our Milk Shampoo is great). This is also the time to give your hair some TLC with a good, moisturising conditioner (insert shameless plug for our Cream Conditioner) to keep your ends hydrated and avoid splitting.

In our opinion and from experience, the best way to apply dry shampoo is to separate your hair into sections and gently shake the powder onto your hair close to the scalp. Once the product has been applied, use fingertips to rub the powder into the hair and scalp, making sure to spread it evenly and not leave any clumps behind. It’s also a great excuse for a head massage. It’s time to kick the (aerosol) can and get shakin'. Now you’ll need another excuse to stay in on a Friday night.